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The Adventures of Exotic Tea Hunter Rodrick Markus

Part Indiana Jones, part Willy Wonka, the 42-year-old Markus helps America's best restaurants maintain their reputations for James Beard Award-winning cuisine by importing the world's rarest ingredients.

Rare Tea Cellar Sells Rare Truffles and Teas to Consumers

If you've ever found yourself in need of black truffles, cave-aged Pu-erh tea of seaweed caviar then get ready to give your kitchen the Michelin-starred treatment. Chicago's own exotic emporium Rare Tea Cellar retails their inventory to the average consumer.

Around Town: Rare Tea Cellar

Finest teas, ingredients and truffles at Rare Tea Cellar.

Rare Talent

Chicago's Rodrick Markus is the go-to guy for high-end, esoteric ingredients.

Rare Tea Cellar on Hungry Hound

Some of the best restaurants in the world are getting their hard-to-find products from a hidden warehouse in Ravenswood.

Rare Tea Cellar Video

A rare look inside the walls of Rare Tea Cellar with Rodrick Markus. Video shot and produced by Brett A. Schwartz of StoryScreen.

Exotic Ingredients
at Rare Tea Cellar

Rodrick Markus is to exotic ingredients as Willy Wonka is to chocolate. From within his mad-scientist-like headquarters in Ravenswood, the CEO of Rare Tea Cellar peddles provisions both lavish and zany.

75 People, Places, and Flavors That Will Shape the Way You Drink in 2014

With clients like Grace, Aviary and Copenhagen’s famed Noma, Rodrick Markus of Chicago’s Rare Tea Cellar is the source for chefs and bartenders looking for ultra-rare ingredients and teas.

Do-Rite Donuts to Sell $20 Truffle Doughnut

Created The doughnuts are the brainchild of the dessert shop's chefs and Rodrick Markus, the owner of Lakeview's Rare Tea Cellar which has sold truffles since it opened seven years ago.

Watch a Video of Balena's $99 Truffle Pizza

Created by chef Chris Pandel and Rare Tea Cellar's Rodrick Markus it features black truffles in the sauce, truffled mortadella, and white truffles shaved on top tableside.

Rare Tea Cellar
Truffle Pizza Video

Produced and Directed by Siskel/Jacobs Productions.

Andrew's Top 5 For Chicago: #2 Rare Tea Cellar

At Rare Tea Cellar, Rodrick Markus Pursues Only The Very Best

Rodrick Markus' life has been the pursuit of the rare and unusual.

Under My Host: Crafthouse

Sitting in with us is rockstar bartender and Crafthouse co-founder, Charles Joly. Our guest host is Rare Tea Cellar founder, Rare Botanical Bitters Co. co-founder, and "Truffle Fairy", Rod Markus.

Bitters A Sweet Practice For Pair's New Company

It was only a matter of time before the dealer and the addict decided to go into business together. All they needed was a product. And then it hit them: truffles.

Pass The Truffle Bitters: Adam Seger and Rodrick Markus Star Bitter Biz

Can we officially declare
Rodrick Markus' tenure as the best-kept secret on Chicago's culinary scene over?

16 Food Artisans You Need To Know From Around The U.S.

There is so much more hiding in the magical warehouse that is Rare Tea Cellar, where truffles, oils, syrups and curiosities like flavor pearls line the shelves.

The Essence:
Heather Sperling

Rod Markus of Rare Tea Cellar is a certifiable tea ninja, and he's stocked with some of the most beautiful, exotic and top-notch teas on the market.

Barrel-Aged Tea Is The Latest Frontier For Your Mug

Markus makes a piney, smok-y and lush Willet Rye barrel-aged lapsang souchong called Forbidden Forest. It evokes that teenage summer when you stole a bottle of booze and made out with your crush from across the lake.

Bizarre Foods America: Chicago's Cutting Edge

The inside of Rare Tea Cellar looks like a combination of a mad scientist's laboratory and what could have been Indiana Jones' storage space.

Rare Treats

Rodrick Markus imports high end teas & find chefs' tough-to-acquire ingredients.

What We're Reading

Time Out Chicago: Here's what happens when a top chef needs hundreds of edible maple leaves. Pronto.

11 Chicago Food Specialists You
Need To Know

There is so much more than tea hiding in the magical warehouse known as Rare Tea Cellar.

Next: Kyoto
Behind the Menu

Dave Beran, the chef of Next, called Rodrick Markus, an importer, master tea blender and the owner of Rare Tea Cellar, Inc "Do you have a line on [Japanese] maple leaves?" ...

Rare Tea Cellar
Opens Online Store

If you're a tea drinker, we suggest you hide your credit card in the freezer - this store is dangerous...

Rare Tea Cellar Launches Online Gourmet Marketplace

Rod Markus pops up at events and markets all year promoting his well-sourced higher-end tea from his Rare Tea Cellar. But now you have the chance to get the good sent directly to you...

Andrew Zimmern on
Why He Loves Chicago

He's spending time with Rod Markus at Rare Tea Cellar and seeing how Phillip Foss incorporates tea into dishes...

Insider Trading
Rare Tea Cellar Brings Its Culinary Secrets to the Masses

Rodrick Markus has been making your favorite restaurants taste better for years. Now he's doing the same for your pantry...

Stock Your Pantry with Rare Tea Cellar

Internet market places do funny things to the brain. Rare Tea Cellar's just-launched foodie fantasyland is no exception...

Cool Wares for
Coffee and Tea

Serve it hot or on the rocks: Rare Tea Cellar Lemon Berry Meritage...

Dose, a Fusion
Market in Chicago

Rare Tea Cellar, which provides tea consultations for restaurants like the Publican and NoMI Kitchen...
The saison ale uses Rodrick's "Emperor's Lemon Meritage," with a shandy-like flavor that resulted in moniker, "Sai-Shan-Tea...

Rare Tea Cellar
Be Sellin'
Rare Teas @ Dose

And so we’ve found a hero in Rodrick Markus of Rare Tea Cellar, a tea guru...

Oprah's Wrap
Party Libations

Besides sourcing exceptional talent, Seger obtained edible flowers from Chef's Garden, as well as the fruit pearls and rose petals from Rare Tea Cellar...

Tea It Up

Blame it on Alice. As we await Tim Burton's sure-to-be eye-popping interpretation of what Wonderland might look like, our dreams (or perhaps they're hallucinations?) are filled with tea...

Reader's Six Degrees
of Cooking Bacon

Purveyors who seem to turn up everywhere you look like Rodrick Markus (Rare Tea Cellar)...

Summit Bar &
Motorino Team

Up for Seafood-
Centric Prima

Seider's playing around with Tarragon, Lemon Thyme...from the Rare Tea Cellar in Chicago

Park Hyatt D.C.
Hosts Tempting
Tea Tasting
with a Master

It was spectacular. It
reminded me a bit of Horton's
experience when he first
heard the Who.